Loretta is more than lip-service.  She's a real example of someone living a full life - balancing roles as wife, mother, entrepreneur and friend.  She has given me tangible ways to prioritize what is critical vs. what is important., and ways to integrate self-care and wellness into my active life.  As a CEO and mother to 3 young kids, I found real value in the complete approach to the coaching and mentoring Loretta provides. 

~ Shauna Youssefnia, CEO and founder, Fuel Talent 

As a relatively new brand, looking to expand our retail footprint, we called upon Loretta.  She is a true expert and an amazing teacher.  She helped us understand the pros and cons of expanding our distribution points, what to ask for before entering into a retail partnership, and how to optimize each channel.  I can honestly say we would not have been as discerning or successful if it weren't for Loretta's guidance and expertise. 

~ Kenna Florie, co-Founder, Beek Footwear 

When it comes to brand clarity and positioning, Loretta taught us the importance of focusing on our consumer first; She took us through her proven 5-step process to generate a filter for decision making.  We have a portfolio of brands that are now clearly defined, distinct and intentional, and most importantly, profitable. 

~ Ash Mohda, CEO and founder, Mondetta Clothing